Shall be made of three (3) categories: Active, Student and Fellows

(1.) Active Members. Shall be individuals such as water utility managers or policy makes or key employees or key members of corporations engaged in basically water related activity or registered sanitary or civil engineers or other registered practitioners engaged in water related fields.

(2.) Student Members. Shall be regularly enrolled college or university students (at least half time) interested in public water supply and sanitation.

(3.) Fellows. There shall be no direct admission to the grade of fellow. To be eligible for elevation to grade fellow, an individual shall be a regular member of the Association in good standing for not less than ten (10) years unless waived by the Executive Council , and who has notably contributed to the promotion and advancement of the Association and the water supply and sanitation industry through technology transfer and dissemination ; representations; made in behalf of his sector, i.e. government , consultant, and contractor, representations made in behalf of the Association.


INDIVIDUAL / REGULAR (P500.00) – WEAP Regular Membership Fee


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